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I know what your thinking! “How will I ever be as good of an actor as the Awkward Actor?”  Firstly, you won’t ever be as good.  Secondly, you can read these books that Stanley has never read and they may help you to know more about acting and keeping you from stinking up the screen or stage as much as you have been.

If Stanley had read any of these, he’d probably tell you that they were “good.”  But he hasn’t and he won’t.  He has more pride than that.

But he will sell them too you!  And there’s no shame in that!




Stop reading that Old Testament and bow before your new god. The Acting Bible is for those that are fed up with following a moral code and are ready to be set free with piles of cash and the adoration of thousands. 

Hey, quit acting for people and start acting for the camera.  They’re the only ones that matter anyway!  Give them your soul!
Understand your face and why you don’t perform well.  I don’t use mirrors.  I just touch my face for the entirety of my performance.

If you’re a dummy, this is the book for you.  Break into acting like you’re a thief breaking into a mansion.  You don’t belong there, but you’re going to take what others earned and worked for anyway.
Acting is an art?  Who knew? Can I get it framed?  That’s what I thought smarty pants.
Respect for Acting- something the Awkward Actor obviously has in spades- and shovels.

I would just like to remind you that Stanley has not read any of these but someone probably has and decided to publish them, so they can’t all be crap.