Shit, it was bright outside that day!

Shit, it’s bright outside!

I’m Stanley Pomianowski, also known as the awkward actor™.  You may have recognized me from numerous small to no budget productions produced by Florida Hospital in the Orlando area.  I grew up in the small “town” of Port Charlotte, FL where nobody knows your name.  When I was little, my career goal was to be a clown, talk-show host, or rock star.   But it turns out I’m allergic to make-up, I don’t like talking, and I am completely tone deaf.  So like anyone that completely fails in other parts of their life, I resorted to acting.

I mean, I guess somebody’s got to do it.

I started acting in plays in high-school.  I was usually cast as Jesus because I was the only one on the team that could grow a full beard at 16.  Those roles slowly got more and more odd, but it turns out I had found my calling to act awkwardly!  Since then I’ve been a serial entrepreneur and a cereal eater with a career in being behind the lens, making videos.  I’ve recently been asked to act in too many projects to count- which is about 3, since I can’t count past my one hand- I also can’t count how many fingers I have.

When a director needs an actor that can bring a certain lack of charm to a role, they cast… their friends or relatives.  But there is a better way!  When you find that out please let me know!  In the meantime, hire me!  I promise you mostly won’t regret it.

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